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Kids & Adults Yoga

A marvellous journey of experiencing your soul and joy of life. Yoga has touched the hearts of many, it is the practice that can lead you to self-realisation or spiritual attainment. Set the time to connect with the dreams that rest in the deepest part of your heart waiting to be manifested into reality through asana, meditation, pranayama and mantra with Hatha and Vinyasa flow.
Hatha flow is a spiritual practice based on the classic Sivananda Yoga tradition. After sun salutation warm ups each posture is held for a space of time as we integrate breath and intention into the sequence, each pose becomes a pose of meditation.
Vinyasa flow is of spiritual practice on the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition. Each pose linked with an inhalation or exhalation. Then each pose is held between 5 to 10 breaths followed by a breath connected leading to the next pose moving with fluidity, buoyancy, breath and grace.


Our Yoga Classes are available for children and adults. Please contact us for more information about classes in your region.

Speech & Communications

Learn to become completely confident and comfortable with any presentation and get over your fear of speaking in public.


No more mumbling...Master the power of your voice which includes proper utilisation of tone, pace, pitch and rhythm.


Engage in new skills and become a confident public speaker. Turn any speech into your best speech ever.


Courses are available for children above 18 years old and adults only. Please contact us for more information about classes in your region.







Motivational Talks

Performed by Adila with the objective of helping people on an emotional and mental level to make changes in their lives and within themselves.


Adila does talks in various events, organisations and schools while she relates her personal experiences to the audience. Not everyone evaluates their significant life experiences to determine if those experiences could be helpful to others.


As a motivational speaker, Adila constantly reflects on her own life to see what information would be helpful to the audience.


Contact us for more information and to make a booking. You can also follow Adila's podcast (click here).






Development Through Drama with Helen O'Grady Drama Academy

The Helen O'Grady Drama Academy offers a self-development drama programme encouraging:


  • Enthusiasm, energy and a positive approach to life

  • Ongoing confidence

  • Skill in verbal communication

  • Effective social interaction

  • Performance skills


Helen O'Grady Drama Academy started in Australia in 1979 and today they operate throughout the world, with thousands of students attending classes weekly. Classes in Mauritius started in 2013.


Click here for more information and to book a class.

Casting with Aardvark Casting

Aardvark Casting is one of the largest casting agencies in the world. Sign up for free and let us help you gain access to the film, television, advertising and entertainment industries throughout Africa and Worldwide.


Click here for more information and a free Sign Up.



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